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B2BX Crypto Exchange Gets EU-Wide Approval from Authorities in Estonia

Cryptocurrency exchange B2BX has obtained a full regulatory licence in Estonia, will this shake up European exchanges?

bitcoin price prediction

Is the Binance CEO Right in His New Bitcoin Bull Run Prediction?

Changpeng Zhao is certain there will be a new bull run for Bitcoin, but isn't sure what the catalyst could be.

etoro wallet

eToro Shakes Up the Industry By Launching a Cryptocurrency Trading Wallet

eToro has launched a cryptocurrency wallet to complement their existing trading tools and resources. How will this shake up the competition?

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United Arab Emirates Getting First Crypto Exchange

With new ICO legislation on the way, the UAE is planning to launch a Dirham-only exchange of it's own

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60% of Voters Support Cryptocurrency Campaign Donations

More and more voters are calling for crypto donations. What is President Trump's reaction?


UK's Oldest Exchange Coinfloor Lays Off Staff

What does the news that Coinfloor is laying off staff mean for crypto trading through UK exchanges?


TxTenna to Transform the World of Bitcoin Transactions

A free off-chain mobile app is one of the latest innovations which is helping to shape the evolution of Bitcoin.

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Binance to Give Listing Fees to Charity

4 years ago, Binance described future blockchain systems would increase charitable transparency. Binance now announces it'll donate a significant amount of money to charity

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South Korean Wallets Hacked... What is the Best Crypto Wallet for Security?

With 158 wallets and 7 exchanges hacked in 2018 in South Korea, how can you tell which is the most secure for your cryptocurrency?


Bitfinex Partners with HSBC to Hit Back at Insolvency Claims

One of the world's olders and largest cryptocurrency exchanges has been fighting rumours of insolvency recently, will news of a partnership between Bitfinex and HSBC change things?

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Exchange Wallet App Abra Launches New Token to Track Crypto Market

Leading cryptocurrency wallet app Abra has unveiled its BIT10 token, designed to allow investors to trade the value of the top ten digital assets by market cap

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South Korean Trading Platform to Launch Global Exchange

Bithumb is due to launch a global decentralised cryptocurrency exchange, it will be less vulnerable to cyber-attacks

Investoo Group Announces The Acquisition of Two Leading Scandi Websites

Investoo Group continues its expansion into overseas markets, this time looking to take advantage of opportunities in Scandinavia.

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Aussie Digital Launches New AUD Coin Trading Platform

Aussie Digital set to shake up the Australian crypto arena with new trading platform.

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What Makes the Best Bitcoin Wallet?

There are many different features to a Bitcoin wallet, what makes the best one the best?



Bitcoin Survives Another Exchange Hack but Standards Need to Improve

Despite another hack in Japan, the price of Bitcoin remains resilient and investment in the coin continues to grow.

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What Happened to Bitcoin Trading in South Africa?

It's a tough time for cryptocurrency, how are the exchanges in South Africa faring with Bitcoin trading?

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BTC vs ETH Rivalry Intensifies as Weiss Gives Ethereum Their Backing

Weiss believes Ethereum will take half the Bitcoin market share in the next 5 years.

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How to Get Bitcoins - Are Bitcoin Giveaways Worth It?

Is it possible to get Bitcoins for free? Are giveaways a genuine deal, or a scam?

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How Can a CFD Improve Your Crypto Trading?

Did you know you can trade cryptocurrency without having to own it? Find out more about CFD's here.


As More People Buy Bitcoin, UK Government Urged to Tighten Crypto Regulations

Following our recent discussion on Brexit and UK Bitcoin, pressure continues to grow for the UK government to consider cryptocurrency regulation.


Luno Exchange Growing in Popularity - What Sets it Apart?

Luno is fairly new compared to it's competitors Coinbase and eToro, what makes it stand out against other exchanges?

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Will Brexit Affect How to Buy Your Bitcoins?

6 months to go - could anything about the way you buy Bitcoin change?


Buy Bitcoin Safely: A Report of Shady Crypto Exchanges

The New York State Attorney General has published a report evaluating the security of various cryptocurrency exchanges, which ones came out top?


Cryptocurrency Scene Down Under Buoyed by Self-Managed ‘Super Funds’

Bitcoin and Ethereum are having a tough time of late. Trading volumes in Australia are on the rise thanks to self-managed super funds down under


What is the Difference Between a Bitcoin Broker and an Exchange?

We discuss the difference between a Bitcoin broker and a Bitcoin exchange, which one should you choose?

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Riot Blockchain Announces Plans to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange

With Coinsquare no longer involved, how will the Blockchain experts Riot develop an exchange?


Should the UK Government be Taking an Interest in the Recent Crypto Price Swings?

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, is struggling to come to terms with the idea of cryptocurrencies.

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Mt Gox Set to Release $1bn Worth of Bitcoin – Could This Spark a Market Crash?

The world's previously largest Bitcoin exchange is se tot return a huge amount of cryptocurrency to the market, what will happen to the price of Bitcoin?

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Crypto Wallet Abra Allows Direct EU Bank Transactions

Direct payments are now possible to Abra via Euros, meaning funding your wallet through a series of wire transfers is no longer necessary.

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The Perfect Time to Buy Ethereum? The Co-Founders Speak Out

Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin have both talked about potentially 'tremendous growth' in the Ethereum world, could now be the time to buy?


Bitcoin Fraud: Can You Recognise a Safe Bitcoin Exchange?

As cases of cryptocurrency fraud continue to dominate the news, how can you tell the Bitcoin exchange you're thinking of using is safe?

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Strategy, Dedication and How to Buy Bitcoin, UK Tips for Trading Cryptos

There are many skills and qualities which make a good crypto trader. If you're beginning your journey in the UK, what quick tips will help you get started?

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Is the Bitcoin Price in India Set to Explode?

India began 2018 by stating cryptocurrencies would not be part of their banking system. As the legal challenge continues, what does this mean for the price of Bitcoin in India?

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What if Argentina Bought 0.5% of Bitcoin?

South American countries rely on cryptocurrency and it heavily influences their economies, what would happen if Argentina made a bigger investment in Bitcoin?

wall street

Coinbase Looking to Take Cryptocurrency to Wall Street

Coinbase is looking to set up an ETF to bring cryptocurrency to Wall Street, this is in the face of other failures. Will they succeed?

etoro review

eToro Review: The Growing Popularity of Social Trading

We briefly cover the news and features which make eToro stand out from other trading platforms, read more!

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Japanese E-Commerce Giant Rakuten Group Opts to Invest in Bitcoin Exchanges

The purchase of unregulared Bitcoin exchange Everybody's Bitcoin is to be bought by Rakuten Group for $2.4 million.

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Has This Goldman Sachs News Ends Bitcoin Recovery?

Goldman Sachs announces it's no longer working on an exchange platform of it's own, is this bad news for Bitcoin?

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Four Major US Exchanges Partner Up to Establish Self-Regulation Association

What is the Virtual Commodity Association Working Group? How will it benefit cryptocurrency exchanges?

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Why Now is the Best Time to Get into Bitcoin

With recent news regarding increased adoption and stocks looking on the rise, is now the best time to get into Bitcoin?

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India Decides to Study Regulation of ICOs and Cryptocurrencies in Japan, the UK and Switzerland

How can other countries help India develop it's Cryptocurrency industry?

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How New Features for Bitcoin Trading on Coinbase Help Beat Its Competitors

Coinbase launch new features, how does this improve the experience of buying Bitcoin?


Founder of Litecoin Says He Won’t Buy Litecoin, So Why Should We?

A very concerning statement by Litecoin founder Charlie Lee could potentially hinder the development of the coin

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How and When to Buy Ethereum: Use the News to Find the Dip

How do you know when it’s the right time to buy Ethereum? These tips will point you in the right direction.

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How to Buy Bitcoins in Europe: Canada’s Coinsquare Will Soon Have the Answer

Canadian exchange Coinsquare, one of the leading exchanges in North America, has announced that it will soon be offering its services in Europe.


eToro Shows Bitcoin Business Payments Are Possible

Microsoft, musicians, and Premier league are all getting involved with the business of Bitcoin

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Major Bitcoin Exchanges Join Forces on Regulatory Mission

The work of the VCA is yet another sign of the cryptocurrency industry’s determination to improve regulation and become a more established force in the financial world. 

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The Exciting New Names Vying To Become the Best Bitcoin Exchange in the World

So, you’ve taken the leap and signed up to a Bitcoin wallet and now you’re all ready to begin your journey into the world of cryptocurrency. However, which exchange do you ultimately opt to make use of?



6 Features We'd Like to See in the Bitpanda App

Bitpanda is one of the world's favorite ways to buy and sell Bitcoin, here are our six suggestions about how to make the Bitpanda app even better. 

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Coinbase Adds Ethereum Classic. More Altcoins to Come?

Coinbase just added Ethereum Classic, causing a spike in ETC price and a new sustained price level. How does this affect our Coinbase review? What will Coinbase add next?



5 Good Reasons to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Wanting to buy Bitcoin? Here are some serious reasons why you should look at using Paypal.

J Beale Investoo

Investoo Group appoints James Beale as Chief Finance Officer

James brings a huge amount of experience to this fast growing company in this exciting market.


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The Top 10 Free Bitcoin Faucets of 2018

We look at the top 10 BTC faucets online which could help you to get free Bitcoins.


6 Bitcoin Stocks to Buy in 2018

Are you looking for an alternative to investing directly in Bitcoin? You can also make money on the rising price of Bitcoin by investing in companies that are working to utilise Bitcoin and the technologies that underpin it.

Top Ethereum Exchanges: Where to Buy Ethereum

Wondering where to buy Ethereum for the first time or not happy with your platform? Best Bitcoin Exchange lists 5 great platforms for investing in Ethereum!

Price chart

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates: The Top 5 Exchanges for Accurate Prices

Want to get the best possible cryptocurrency prices? These top exchanges offer the most profitable price for your crypto coins, from Bitcoin to Litecoin and beyond.

Segwit 2x

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges that Accept Segwit2x

Here are the 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges that support Segwit2x online in 2018 - find everything you need to know about them today!


The 4 Worst Reddit Cryptocurrency Exchange Horror Stories

With 2017’s bitcoin boom causing carnage across the leading exchanges, it’s little wonder that some people got their fingers burnt.

Making Money with Bitcoin Arbitrage: Exchange Vs Exchange

For novices, one of the most effective ways to trade is by using a strategy known as arbitrage. So how do you make money online with arbitrage trading? 


The top 5 Coinbase Issues That Worry Users

Coinbase has often been a great starting point among newcomers to cryptocurrency investing. What's there to Worry About?


Comparing the Benefits of Changelly and Shapeshift

Taking the idea of speed and efficiency a step further, instant exchanges have become popular in the last year or so. Leading the way in this area are Changelly and Shapeshift. 


Cex Reddit Reviews: What’s going on?

Irate investors have taken to Reddit to vent their frustration at a string of aspects about the site’s operations.


How Binance Became a Crypto Behemoth and Changed the Game

With the market on a high and people of all skill levels interested in making trades, one name has established itself as a veritable crypto monster. 


The 5 Top Bitcoin Apps: Trade on the Move

Let’s take a look at the top five Bitcoin apps available on the market to use either as an investment tool or as a virtual wallet.

Invest in Bitcoin

7 Top Tips You Need to Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

With 2017 being a milestone year for Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies, we look at top tips to investing in Bitcoin.

Death of Bitconnect

The Death of Bitconnect - When Crypto Turns Ponzi Scheme: 

The Controverisal exchange, we look into how and why it ended up down the pan and whether it was a ponzi scheme from day 1

Top Crypto Exchanges

Top Crypto Exchanges for 2018:

Infographic that shows you everything you need to know about the top crypto exchanges in 2018. What criteria do you need to be looking at when deciding who to go with?

Jamie Beadle

Investoo Group Appoints Jamie Beadle as Chief Operating Officer

Jamie will lead the operational delivery of the business, and drive further success through effective operational processes.

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